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1953 Dodge M-37 3/4 Ton Truck – SOLD

This 1953 M37 is in great condition for the year. No rust on the doors or holes in the bottom of the tool storage area. Some rust was repaired under the headlight mounts on front fenders. The frame is in great condition. The bed is virtually perfect with no rust at all, just some normal […]

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1942 Fruehauf M18 Searchlight Trailer – SOLD

This is an excellent working example of the very rare Fruehauf Searchlight trailer. It has new tires and all the lights are in working order. It tilts and functions as it should. The M18 searchlight trailer has the manually operated winch mounted on the drawbar in in front of the cargo box. The two large […]

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1942 Fruehauf Trailer M1 for Searchlight – SOLD

This is an original example of the very rare Fruehauf Searchlight trailer. It has the original tires. The front hitch is original and not cut or modified. It tilts and functions as it should. Lights are present, but not in working order. The M1 searchlight trailer has the manually operated winch mounted on the drawbar […]

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1943 Ben-Hur 1-Ton Trailer – SOLD

Made in Cincinnati, Ohio by Queen City Manufacturing, this is a great example of a wooden WWII Ben-Hur 1-ton trailer. Made during the height of the steel shortage in WWII, the wood has been replaced and is in excellent condition. This trailer would have been towed by a WWII Dodge, Jeep, CCKW, GMC, etc. All […]

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60″ Anti-Aircraft Searchlight – SOLD

This light has been restored in the original military configuration on the 2 original dollies. The light is fully functional in the carbon arc area and will adjust the positive rod in and out automatically. The light also rotates in a 360 circle by the turntable electric motor. All gauges and back-lighting for the gauges […]

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1941 Dodge WII Command Car – SOLD

Excellent condition and frame off restoration with the accent on detail and originality. Many parts have been replaced or refurbished with NOS parts. All new canvas and gear have been installed. This has the original engine and trans that is rebuilt and runs excellent. All new brakes and drive-line components. See more images online here.

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1941 Willy’s Slat Grill Jeep – SOLD

This jeep is a solid restoration project that has a lot of original Willys slat Grille parts from WWII. It has the correct combat rims and tires, correct air cleaner and grill. Stamped “Willys” on the body, it is has been stored inside for over 40 years. Serial #106461. The truck has a clear Michigan […]

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1943 Ford GPW Jeep – SOLD

This jeep is a 1943 GPW. It is a late August early September build. Restoration was finished in 2008 and it has been driven about 650 miles since the restoration was completed. The jeep has a 1945 MB motor which was in it when purchased. Included in the sale is a 1944 GPW engine that […]

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