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1943 Opel Blitz German 4X4 6700A

This Opel Blitz (German for lightning) was totally restored in 2001. Oak bed with original hardware. Dashboard is all original and in working condition for this amazing Blitz, and it has the original mechanical windshield wipers. The doors are excellent with no sagging. The body is solid and perfect. Chassis # 13325 Working original 4X4 […]

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1943 White M16 Half-track

This 1943 White Half-track is an M16 model is in excellent running and driving condition. The engine was a total rebuild along with the drive train.  This this is a very nice and reliable vehicle and was rebuilt buy a thorough half-track owner.  This Half-track will give years of driving pleasure without the breakdown issues. […]

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1944 GMC Amphibious Military DUKW

This running DUKW will go down the road but stopping will be an issue, park brake works for now. I’m told the engine was rebuilt 200 miles ago. The engine runs quiet & strong.  It is street legal to go from road to water. The winch is present along with some wheel hub tools. Tires […]

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GMC XM215 Dump Truck

This 1952 GMC has all the original equipment and is ready to work or play. This truck has 32,678 original miles. No exhaust leaks – the engine runs very quiet and the transmission shifts very smoothly. This truck has the original automatic four-speed transmission and 302 in-line six cylinder engine with waterproof ignition. Brakes are […]

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1944 WWII Amphibious DUKW

This is a very nice running DUKW. It always starts right up without hesitation. The engine runs quiet & strong. No lifter noise runs like new. The DUKW goes down the road very nice.  It is street legal to go from road to water. The winch operates perfect, it is a real pleasure to drive […]

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WWII GMC 1943 CCKW Wood Bed With M7 Bomb Hoist

This 1943 GMC CCKW truck was produce at the height of the steel shortage of WWII. American steel companies could not keep up with the demand of steel needed for the war effort. Wood replaced some the CCKW steel beds for a short time. This is a very hard to find CCKW with the original […]

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1943 Diamond T Military Cargo Truck

This truck run’s drives excellent and is a very solid truck. It needs some TLC with the wiring: no lights or gauges work at this time. The oil pressure, temp, air and tachometer are in working order. Speedometer work’s but wander’s around a bit. It has a brand new top from Beachwood Canvas. The truck […]

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1943 HAR-1 Military Cargo Truck – SOLD

This U.S. Army WWII military cargo truck was built by the Four Wheel Drive Manufacturing Company in Clintonville, Wisconsin. Only 9,000 of these were produced between 1942-42: 7,000 were exported for Lend Lease program, with the remaining used by U.S Army troops and construction of the ALCAN Highway project in Alaska. Powered by a Waukesha […]

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1942 Chevrolet C60L CMP 4×4 General Service Truck

This 1942 WWII Chevrolet was built in Canada and shipped to England for the war effort It is very clean and original. It retains its original engine and drive train and runs perfect. If you are looking for an original British truck this is it. This is an excellent driver for reenacting or show. • […]

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1944 Amphibious Military DUKW by GMC

This DUKW is the most original in the world. It was found in Pontiac Michigan at a GM storage warehouse and was place in storage in 1948. It remained in the same warehouse until 2004. This GMC DUKW was never issued to the US Government and was used by GM for radio testing, service manual […]

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