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This project has a good radiator and windshield frame.   The drive train is complete and original, but is missing parts of the propeller drive shaft and the rear drive shaft.  Installed is good running 270 GMC 6 cylinder engine.   This project has a good radiator and windshield frame that is included in the sale. This […]

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WWII M26 Dragon Wagons and Matching trailer

Two WWII M26 Dragon Wagons and Matching trailer: 1. M26 WWII Dragon Wagon Armored: This unit has had no work done on it and it is missing the armored windows. It has many of the accessory boxes in the cab and the tires are in good condition. It needs a full restoration. Non running engine. […]

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First Responder 6×6 Vehicle

This beautifully maintained First Responder 6×6 all-wheel-steering vehicle was a product display vehicle for trade shows, so it is in excellent condition. Some specifications: All Wheel drive and all wheel steering and Crab Steer Control Caterpillar C9 400-HP Diesel with 300 hours of run time ZF 602 Transmission Hydraulic Tilt Cab Wheel Travel Approx. 18″ […]

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M26 Dragon Wagon and Trailer WWII

This very difficult to find M26 tank transporter and matching trailer is complete with with loading equipment and ring mount. The Hall Scott 440 engine will need some work to get in running condition. About the Dragon Wagon The Dragon Wagon was an off-road capable armored 6×6 vehicle that was designed for heavy vehicle recovery […]

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Tour DUKW (Duck) Boat

Start your own business! These DUKW (Duck) amphibious trucks are used across the United States as tourist transports in cities like Boston, Seattle and Philadelphia. Operators charge $30+ per person for 90 minute land/water tours. Nomenclature – Amphibian Truck 2-1/2 ton 6 x 6 Make and model – GMC DUKW MFRs Serial number – 353-27066874 […]

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1970 M818 with Shop Trailer

1970 M818 This 1970 M818 is in amazing condition. It has a standard 5 ton, 250 Cummins engine with 3,434 miles and 77 hours on it. The engine was completely rebuilt/overhauled by the military in 2006. It was purchased  in 2007 when it was released from the government. It had never been put into service […]

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1941 GMC CCKW with Trailer

March 1941 build. This CCKW was overseas during WWII. The engine has rebuild plates from Paris in 1946 and again in the 50s. It was surplus from Norway in 1999 with 30,000 miles. The truck was restored in 2000, covering over the holes for the post-war mirrors, patching holes in the bottom of the doors, […]

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1943 Opel Blitz German 4X4 6700A

This Opel Blitz (German for lightning) was totally restored in 2001. Oak bed with original hardware. Dashboard is all original and in working condition for this amazing Blitz, and it has the original mechanical windshield wipers. The doors are excellent with no sagging. The body is solid and perfect. Chassis # 13325 Working original 4X4 […]

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1943 White M16 Half-track – SOLD

This 1943 White Half-track is an M16 model is in excellent running and driving condition. The engine was a total rebuild along with the drive train.  This this is a very nice and reliable vehicle and was rebuilt buy a thorough half-track owner.  This Half-track will give years of driving pleasure without the breakdown issues. […]

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1944 GMC Amphibious Military DUKW

This running DUKW will go down the road but stopping will be an issue, park brake works for now. I’m told the engine was rebuilt 200 miles ago. The engine runs quiet & strong.  It is street legal to go from road to water. The winch is present along with some wheel hub tools. Tires […]

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