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WWII White M2A1 HalftrackAsking$55,000

This 1945 M2A1 Halftrack manufactured by the White Motor Company in Cleveland, Ohio is in excellent condition. It has been fully restored from the axles up. It is ready to perform.

The vehicle has been totally disassembled and everything cleaned, primed and painted. The transmission and transfer case have all new bearings, seals and gears. The Engine has been completely rebuilt with new and NOS parts. New brakes lines, wheel cylinders.

NOS or rebuilt gauges and speedometer installed and working, Original fuel tanks cleaned and yes all gauges work!

Only 1,643 M2A1 were produced for the war effort making this vehicle very rare.  This one has the correct mine racks and all the armor is original.

About the M2A1

In 1941, the first units were equipped with this armored transport, some being based in the Philippines. 11,415 M2 Half-Tracks were produced by White motor co. and Autocar Co., a few of them being improved M2A1s. Throughout the war many variants appeared, some 2085 such M2-based vehicles being produced. They all had the “short hull” in common, along with relatively weak armor on the sides, stronger rolled face-hardened steel plates at the front, folded protective panels with loopholes for the drivers protection around the driving compartment, with ammunition stowage accessible from the inside or through external side panels. The headlights were mounted on the fenders, but this proved fatal on gun-equipped versions. There was a roomy open trolley equipped with retractable seats, munitions cases, spare parts.

Two types of machines guns could be fitted, a heavy Browning 50 cal. M2HB (12.7 mm) and up to three cal.30 M1919 A4 (7.62 mm) machine-guns, with flexible skate mounts. These were later replaced with pintle mounts. The main cal.50 (12.7 mm) was mounted forward, just over the assistant driver’s seat. It had an anti-aircraft and anti-personal 360° M49 ring mount. This provided the M2 with excellent firepower. Their main problem was the weakness of the immovable trolley upper side panels, which were not always able to stop MG 34 and MG 42 bullets. Provision was 700 rounds for the cal.50 (12.7 mm), and 7750 for the others. Depending on the version, additional storage racks were added to carry extra bogie wheels, iron cables or extra ammunition and fuel cases. Nearly all, from the beginning, included the frontal unditching roller, shovel and pickaxe, and fixations for fuel cans. A towing device at the rear allowed them to tow the standard M2/M3 howitzer and other light guns. Later vehicles had smaller, detachable headlights on either side of the hood, and optional anti-ditching roller or a 10,000lb (4500 kg) capacity winch. The M2A1 differed by the machine-gun mounts, and 1643 machines were built, with another 1266 later converted.
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Located in in Pennsylvania.

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