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WWII Kubelwagen Reproduction – SOLD

This is a wonderful reproduction Kubelwagen. It has the wooden slat floor boards. All dash lights and exterior lights including turning signals work, tires are perfect, vehicle has about 1500 total miles on it. New 12 volt battery , brakes are perfect. Car starts, idles, drives and stop perfectly. Vehicle has the mount in the rear (behind back seat) for the German MG 34 machine gun. Unit also has the correct creeper gear for moving along at the soldiers’ pace when walking.

Note:  The MG 34 machine gun in the photos is not included in the sale of the vehicle. It is shown to represent what could be mounted on the gun post.

Kubelwagen Kit Specs:

  • Full steel kit from KoobalKar – Skunkwerke (many improvements made)
  • Lights (replaced with Hella original style)
  • Doors and Seats
  • KoobelKar horn replaced by original Kubelwagen horn, 6 volt Bakelite horn
  • Windshield
  • KoobleKar wipers replaced by 1964 Volkswagen Beetle wipers
  • Convertible top with side curtains
  • KoobleKar steering wheel replaced with a NOS split window Bug
  • KoobleKar wiring was totally replaced with improved wiring harness & original fuses,
  • Wiring diagram included
  • KoobleKar late model Beetle speedometer replaced with restored 1949 Bakelite speedo
  • Seat Belts
  • Front & Rear skid plates
  • Side Mirrors


  • 1940’s model speedo completely restored and calibrated to MPH
  • Repro Kubelwagen metal dash panel
  • Original Kubelwagen fuse panels
  • Original Bakelite panel and switches
  • NOS 3 spoke steering wheel with horn button
  • 5 Reproduction Kubelwagen hub caps
  • Correct rear Hella taillights
  • Front turn signals
  • Custom Oak Floor Panels
  • Original Bakelite horn
  • Front and Rear removable bumpers for state inspection
  • Correct shifter and knob
  • Reworked the entire dash surround
  • Rewired entire Kubelwagen
  • Adapted the seats with Beetle runners, so they move forward & back
  • Improved side marker lights
  • Reworked the front and rear skid plates

 Chassis and Running Gear Info:

  • Body mounted to a 1964 swing axle chassis (like the original)
  • Entire rebuild of the chassis from brakes to paint
  • Detail of the 1964 Beatle 40 HP motor (only has about 750 miles on it)
  • Original engine that came with pan… not rebuilt
  • Looks exactly like an original 25 HP Kubelwagen motor
  • Powder coated engine tin, painted desert tan
  • Original 40 HP stale air tin (no fresh air hoses)
  • Original 40 HP heater boxes (heat works – flaps go up and down)
  • 12 volt small diameter Porsche 356 generator
  • 010 Bosch distributor (use distributor number for cap and rotor)
  • Reproduction Kubel mufflers
  • Early Karmann Ghia air cleaner to look like a Kubelwagen
  • Street legal and titled


  • German gas tank mounted on the side
  • Replica German front Notek “black out light”
  • Original 1943 dated shovel
  • Front spindles raised 2.5 inches (like original Kubelwagen)
  • 1965 Bus transmission installed to gain 3 inches of rear height
  • Vintage adapters to put in bus tranny & truck rear shocks
    • Also gives a gear reduction to use larger tires
    • Original Kubels had bus style rear tranny
  • Dayton 700 X 15 NDT tires (original Kubels had 16 inch rims)
  • Stock 15 inch Beetle rims which gives the final correct Kubel ride height.

Click here to see additional photos.

Click here for a walk-around video.

Located in Fenton, Michigan. Call for price.