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PBR River Patrol Boat – SOLD

This PBR Boat needs a full restoration and has been sitting for years inside. Built by Uniflit, no drive system so you can repower with a modern system for reliability. No wiring or gages just the hull. No trailer or cradle. 33’ long 11’ wide

The PBR was a versatile boat with a fiberglass hull and water jet drive which enabled it to operate in shallow, weed-choked rivers. It drew only two feet of water fully loaded. The drives could be pivoted to reverse direction, turn the boat in its own length, or come to a stop from full speed in a few boat lengths.

Typical armament configuration included twin M2HB .50 caliber (12.7 mm) machine guns forward in a rotating shielded tub, a single rear .50 cal, M60 7.62mm light machine guns mounted on the port and starboard sides, and a Mk 19 40mm grenade launcher. There was also a full complement of M16 rifles, shotguns, .45 ACP handguns, and hand grenades. Sometimes a 20mm cannon was mounted on the bow and others had a “piggyback” arrangement, a .50 cal machine gun on top of an 81mm mortar.

What the boats benefited in heavy firepower they lacked in armor or shielding. Although the .50 cal machine guns had some ceramic armor shielding and the Coxswain’s flat had some quarter inch thick steel armor plate, the boats were designed to rely on rapid acceleration, maneuverability, and speed to get out of tight situations.

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