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T-16 Universal CarriersAsking$22,000

These 3 T-16 Carriers have been stored for 25 years in a warehouse in Argentina. They are in excellent non-running condition, but are complete with their original engines and transmissions, instrument panels, engine covers (usually missing ), tracks and boogies in excellent condition, controls , seats, etc.

The three carriers are in similar condition. These vehicles still have all the hoses, belts and spark plugs in place so they would only need mechanical adjustments to run again. All the original parts are present including their spare wheels, radiator, gasoline tanks etc.   Just some little parts are missing like the front lights.

These vehicles are still considered a military weapon in Argentina so an Import Permit or “End User Certificate” would be necessary for export.


The T-16 is a version of the Universal Carrier, a common name describing a family of light armored tracked vehicles built by Vickers-Armstrong. The Carrier, Universal, T16, Mark I was a significantly improved vehicle based upon those built by Ford of Canada, manufactured under Lend Lease by Ford in the United States from March 1943 to 1945. It was chiefly used by Canadian forces during the war as an artillery tractor. After the war, it was used by Swiss and Netherlands forces. It was longer than the Universal with an extra road wheel on the rear bogie, the engine was a Ford Mercury delivering the same power. Instead of the steering wheel controlling the combination brake/warp mechanism, the T-16 had track-brake steering operated by levers (two for each side).

Technical Data

Length: 12 feet 11 inches
Width: 6 feet 11-1/2 inch
Height: 5 feet 1 inch
Ground clearance: 10-1/2 inch
Weight: 9,500 lbs
Ground contact: 71 inches
Ground pressure: 7.4 lb/sq in
Armor: 6 to 7 mm
Engine: Ford 239 V8 model GAU370, 100 hp
Max. Speed: 33 mph

We are selling them at $22,000 each, or $66,000 for all 3.

See more photos online.