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1944 M-26A1 Pacific Car Tank Transporter – SOLD

This M-26 is fully restored and in excellent condition. It has all the radios and ammo cans. The interior is complete with all the correct equipment that belongs on a 1944 M-26A1.

This vehicle is in David Doyle book M26 Dragon Wagon Walk Around by Squadron Signal Publications. And has been displayed at many MVPA (Military Vehicle Preservation Association) events.

Pacific Car & Foundry Co. of Seattle was asked by the United States government in 1942 to build a 6×6 tank transporter to move the Sherman tank.
The tractor was designed by the Kentucky Truck Company of San Francisco but they were not able to produce the truck in the numbers required by the army (they did build a number of them) so the job to build most of what was needed went to Pacific.

This M-26 is powered by the original Hall-Scott type 440 240bhp 6-cylinder gasoline engines. Hall-Scott designed the 440 engine exclusively for the M-26 and built around 2100 of them. In the post-war years many of the Pacific tractors survived as heavy-haulage tractors but were largely re-engined with diesels.

M26A1 soft cab version was created, because the cab armoring usually was not needed but it added 1.5 ton extra weight to the vehicle which the front axle couldn’t handle well.

The Fruehauf trailer is in good working condition and all systems are in working order.

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