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Chevrolet Cheyenne 4WD Military Ambulance – SOLD

This 1990 Chevrolet Cheyenne 3500 4×4 diesel 1-ton dually military ambulance truck is a unique and rare vehicle, with an incredibly low 454 actual miles.  It is to all intents and purposes a brand-new truck.

It was purchased from a Government auction. It had been in storage for several years at the Marine Corps Base in Camp Pendleton near San Diego. It had never seen active duty and was only driven for short distances around the base, hence the amazingly low miles.

It came with a government sticker showing the original purchase price of $37,409. It’s powered by a 6.2 liter diesel engine and an automatic transmission, and factory-equipped with four wheel drive.

The truck is in perfect mechanical condition and it runs beautifully, just as you would expect for a vehicle that is practically new. I would not hesitate to drive it from Tierra del Fuego to the Arctic Circle and back again.

It was gone over thoroughly to make sure there were no mechanical issues from the years of storage. It received six new Nexen Roadian AT II tires, a full tune-up, new battery, new fuel pump, and all fluids were changed. Also, the old R-12 air conditioning was converted to R-134a, and it blows ice-cold.

The original military green paint still has a nice shine. However, the clear coat is peeling on the hood and top of the left fender, and some of the paint on the rear door hinges is chipped. Also, all of the doors have military insignia which were spray-painted over before they auctioned it.

The body is almost perfect, with a few small dings, but no dents, rust, or bondo. There are a few traces of very minor surface rust on the underside, no doubt because of Camp Pendleton’s proximity to the ocean. Also, the front roof vent cover is rusted through.

The interior is like new. The only defect is a couple of incisions in the rubber floor mats, where something was apparently installed and then removed.

The rear ambulance section is constructed of lightweight, sturdy aluminum, including the interior panels. The two top gurneys can easily be detached and slide right out.

All of the original equipment is intact and operational, except for the front-mounted spotlight. The red beacon on top revolves and can be seen for miles, a great safety feature. The bank of overhead switches controls these functions: floodlight, AC/heat blower, patient lights, beacon, suction, exhaust vent, and intake vent. Even the suction machine works, and I’m sure someone can find a good use for it!

This truck would make an awesome custom expedition vehicle, toy hauler, and/or RV. But if you’re a military vehicle collector, you’ll never find one as pristine and original as this. It has a clean title and current registration through February 2014.

The truck is located in California, less than an hour away from either LAX or Burbank airports.

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