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CJ 750 Chang Jiang M1M Motorcycle – SOLD

CJ 750 Chang Jiang M1M Super motorcycle with sidecar replicating the BMW R71.  Bike is painted grey and was used in WW2 battle reenactments and touring with a Motorcycle club.  Bike was originally from Blitzbikes of Hicksville NY.  This bike has the “total reenactors” package for historical accuracy. The significant investment of correct lights, tags, emblems, courier cases were installed on original purchase.

Sidecar also comes with a cover and an MG34 holder and swivel (MG34 not included in the sale).

The Chang Jiang M1M model is a sidevalve with a 12V electrical system and is equipped with a reverse gear. It also has an electric starter where the M1 has only a kick-starter.

This Bike has been and has not been exposed to any outside elements when not in use. The bike has sat for three years but ran well and provided a lot of enjoyment for its one owner until stored.

Has a title. Located in Nashville, TN.

Click here for additional photos.