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Alvis Stalwart 6×6 Amphibious Truck – SOLD

The Alvis Stalwart is a British amphibious truck and load carrier. This truck is ready to go on land or in the water. It has 6-wheel drive, a hydraulic crane, and a winch on the back. Drop down sides make loading cargo easy with the 5-ton crane.

This 1971 model is a FV623 Mk 2 Limber with Atlas 3001/66 hydraulic crane. These updated models included side windows that extended downward to provide additional ground visibility to the driver.

The manual transmission has 5 gears in both forward and reverse. The engine is a Rolls Royce B81 MK 8B eight-cylinder water-cooled 6.5L gas engine. It has less then 500 miles on a total factory rebuild.

  • Air brakes with hydraulic brake backup
  • Wheel cylinders, brakes and crane hydraulics recently rebuilt
  • All gauges, lights & heater work
  • Road legal with seat belts, turn signals
  • Includes all manuals
  • Many extra spare parts and military bed canvas is included

Rare find in the states. They come up for sale in England, and are very expensive to get imported into the US.

YouTube video:

About the Alvis Stalwart

The FV620-series Stalwart (informally called a ‘Stolly’) was designed by Alvis and entered service with the British Army in 1966 as a general transport truck. It was one of the same line of 6×6 vehicles including the Alvis Saracen, Saladin, and Salamander. The high mobility and amphibious capabilities were designed to resupply army units in the field.

The hull is the vehicle chassis. The engine is situated under the load deck in the rear of the hull and the gearboxes, differentials and transfer boxes.

The load deck was open-topped with large drop down panels on either side. Waterproof seals ensured that these would not leak when in the water.

The three man cab has the driver’s position in the center and a seat for a passenger either side. The cab can only be entered through two roof hatches.

The Stalwart can carry 5 tons of materiel, or tow 10 tons. In the water it can be driven at about 7 knots by thrust water-jet propulsion units.


  • Weight 9 tons
  • Length 6.36 m
  • Width 2.62 m
  • Height 2.31 m
  • Crew driver + 2 passengers

Located in Michigan. We can arrange all shipping.

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