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1987 HMMWV Slant Back M1026Asking$45,000

This is an M1026 HMMWV with title. It has had extensive work put into it to make a reliable vehicle.

It has an all-new, government-stock engine, and the starting system is the newest style available.  The engine electrical system is all new and includes the matching glow plug controller, matching protective control box, new style PCB, 8 glow plugs, and an added ground.  This system allows it to start perfectly in cold or warm weather.

All new 12 bolt wheels and tires have been installed with the run flats and bead-locks.

It has a working winch with controller, Laverne style brush-guard, fully rotating turret with weapons mount, adapter and newer style gunners seat.  It also has the snorkel exhaust pipe for deep water fording.

The M1026 Armament carrier name means it is the Slantback/hatchback version with winch. It has the Kevlar “X” doors and ballistic door glass. the 4 wheel drive system works great, and brakes function perfectly. The hatchback opens and closes perfectly with no issues.

Located in Phoenix, AZ, USA.

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