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1962 Willys M151 1/4 Ton Truck – SOLD

This vehicle is an early example of the famous M151 series. It is not the later A1 or A2 type. The truck came from Colorado about 10 years ago and we purchased it and brought it back to the current condition.  We have a clear valid Wisconsin vehicle title. The vehicle title is dated 10-15-2010. This was when the WI historic military vehicle license statute became effective and the title was converted. We owned the vehicle prior to the title conversion in 2010.

Clear Wisconsin vehicle title, Serial Number – ID30030COLO (ID plate issued by state of Colorado).

The state of Colorado issued vehicle ID # at some point in the past. This would replace a missing vehicle VIN plate. There is no other military serial number on the frame or body. The small Colorado ID plate in located on the far left side of the dash.  The Title shows the vehicle as manufactured by Ford.

Research of the vehicle while it was in my shop and consult with M151 experts indicates that this this M151 is actually a “second contract” M151 which were built by Willy’s in the 1962/63 timeframe.  The hood was stenciled for winter coolant in 1963. Other body characteristics like the single cowl vent on the passenger side also point to Willy’s manufacture.

  • The body is UNCUT and was released prior to demil requirements from DOD.
  • The truck retains most of the early M151 features and equipment that are differant from the A1 and A2 models. These items include:
  • Adjustable front seats with vintage canvas cushions – bottom and back.
  • Ratchet type parking brake assembly
  • Straight front bumper (later models have tapered ends)
  • Air cleaner with smooth top – later models have concentric rings in the air cleaner canister
  • Early independent suspension arm system
  • The hood is the three rib type and the early tie down bracket. When blasting and paint we found a small amount of filler an a several areas of the original hood. These were sound and left as is.
  • We know of no other body filler material on the vehicle other than the hood.
  • Round rear view mirror on the interior
  • Hood latches are the correct early model single “horn” style
  • The body tub has the early style floor drains on the drivers and passengers locations
  • The clutch, brake and accelerator peddles are the correct early vintage
  • A correct dated gas can is included.
  • The head lights and rear tail lights work.
  • The five military NDT tires are in very good condition.
  • Engine starts easily and runs well. Oil is clean.
  • All the gauges operate.
  • Horn works.
  • Fuel tank is clean AND RUST FREE.
  • No major oil leaks, a few minor drips (It’s an Army truck).
  • All the fluid compartments have been serviced with clean oil. Vehicle is serviced regularly. Drive Joints and shafts are all greased and serviceable.
  • The drive train operates, including the transfer case and front wheel drive.

Also featured:

  • Correct M151 blank (not stamped) data plate on the dash and nomenclature plate on the right side.
  • Vintage used canvas top
  • 24 Volt charging system is with the later military standard alternator system with internal voltage regulator. Replaces generator and firewall voltage regulator.
  • Sale includes vintage RT524 radio with mount and antenna and antenna mount. This radio was purchased as a working radio. I have never inspected or powered it to verify its operation. Includes external speaker and hand mic.  Connection harness for power from battery source is included. As Is
  • Vintage US marked Halon fire extinguisher with mounting bracket behind the driver’s seat location. (Extinguisher is EMPTY – FOR DISPLY ONLY)
  • Undercoating was applied by the military and has preserved the underside components. Some of the vintage undercoating is showing some peeling.

What is not original to this vehicle:

  • The previous owner installed a good solid later model A2 engine from AM General.  In addition to the A2 engine, there is a SECOND take out engine that is included in the sale. The previous owner indicated this is the original early configured engine. WE will include this component with the sale.  No idea of condition or if it is in-fact the original engine. It does include the earlier carburetor and other components. See photos. AS IS.
  • An NOS A2 wire harness was also installed. The A2 harness allowed the installation of military turn signal lights for upgraded safety at the rear. With a military 24 volt flasher module and signal control handle. To complete this safety up-grade, two small electrical resisters should be added to the front harness locations for more reliable signal operation (resisters simulate the electrical load of two front turn signals to load the flasher circuit)
  • The rear seat has vinyl seat covers and may be from a later A2 model – I can’t tell the difference.
  • The windshield wipers are the correct vacuum type but are not connected since the later A2 engine does not have a vacuum pump feature. Workable by hand.
  • There are two rust spots – one small hole in the cross channel under the driver’s side and on the rear body panel behind the gas can. Repair kits are available for these locations.
  • The gauge cluster is a replacement and the actual vehicle miles are unknown.
  • Two new commercial 12 Volt batteries installed in August 2013.
  • The service brakes need service from setting unused. Nothing leaking and the lines are solid. Recommend inspection and honing of the brake cylinders before road driving. The truck has not been driven on road the past 18 months.
  • The exhaust system was replaced with NOS components about 200 miles previous.
  • The vehicle markings are from the 826th Ordnance Company that served in Vietnam in 1968 and 69. Part of the 3rd Ordnance Battalion at Long Binh.

This is a very desirable collectable vintage vehicle that retains the early history and features.

NOTE: Customers are cautioned that the M151 series vehicles have unique driving characteristics due to the independent suspension system design. Sudden right or left steering can cause the suspension to loose road  contact and can result in over steer and an unexpected vehicle rollover hazard.  When driven correctly by experienced owners / collectors the vehicles are regularly operated without problems. Operation by individuals who are not familiar with the unique handling characteristic can be dangerous. Owners are encouraged to use good judgment when owning and operating these unique historic military vehicles.

Located in Wisconsin.

Click here for additional photos.