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1962 Polaris Nuclear Ballistic Missile – SOLD

This is the only Polaris Inter-continental nuclear ballistic missile in private hands.

The Polaris missile was a two-stage solid-fuel nuclear-armed ballistic missile built during the Cold War by Lockheed Corporation of California for the United States Navy. It is 32 feet long and weighs 34,500 lbs.

It was designed to be used as part of the Navy’s contribution to the United States arsenal of nuclear weapons. The Polaris was first launched from the Cape Canaveral, Florida on January 7, 1960. The A-2 range was 1,500 nautical miles.

The USS George Washington, the first US missile submarine and purpose-built warship, successfully launched the first Polaris missile from a submerged submarine on July 20, 1960. The A-2 version of the Polaris missile and it entered service in late 1961. It was fitted on a total of 13 submarines and served until June 1974.

Following the Polaris Sales Agreement in 1963, Polaris missiles were also carried on British Royal Navy submarines between 1968 and the mid-1990s.

At one time it was owned by the Cradle of Aviation Museum and now is in the hands of Military Vehicle Web. It will be given a full restoration and painted to the correct representation of the Cuban Missile Crises in 1962.

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