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1956 Grumman S-2 Tracker – SOLD

The Grumman S-2 Tracker was designed to spot Soviet submarines during the cold war. This aircraft has a long history of fighting fires for the California Forest Service. It was later purchased for a local military museum for flying demonstrations.

I found info on it up to 2001, and it looks like the airframe has 10,968 hours on it. It is a Grumman TS-2A, serial number 572; FAA number N453DF; Tail number T-86; Military serial number 136663. In 1988 the engines were replaced with ##1- SN575550 0.00 hours TSO and #2 – 516059 with 0.00 TSO and returned to service. This aircraft may have also had the tail number T-91 at some point as there is paperwork with same N-number/serial number and military number for both tail numbers. The aircraft currently has T-86. The only prop numbers I could find are #1-SN N221972, TSO 301.9 and #2 SN N229513 TSO 1100.6 both installed in 1999.

This unit was built in 1956. I have a file box stuffed with all the old records; it looks like the engines are a newer (1988) and the props even newer (1999).

It is best if you look it over in person, I cannot help in any way other than looking into the box of records.

I have the bill of sale from the Government and ownership is currently being transferred to my company’s name per FAA regulations.

All arrangements for service or maintenance will need to be arranged with the airport management. They were open to this in the past but best to contact them.

It looks like the last day flown was 12-19-2001 for 25 hour inspection and was flown for 2.5 hours.

Powered by two Wright R-1820-82WA radial engines with 1525 HP each. Both engines do turn over by hand.

It is located at:
Atlantic Aviation
10510 Superfortress Avenue
Mather, CA 95655

The radios are gone, and it is missing the rudder (look at photo) of this aircraft. West Aircraft in Tucson, AZ has all the parts to replace the missing S-2 parts. They sent me photos to confirm they have the correct parts (Please look at the last 3 photos of their yard; they have 138 S-2’s to pick from). Price you ask? How much do you want to get your hands dirty? Do you want to box up the parts yourself? Do your own hauling? Package deal pricing? These S-2 parts are easily available it took me five minutes to find the parts dealers and get a response.

Please don’t think you are buying a budget ex-military twin engine aircraft and you are going to fly it home! It is currently not flying and needs restoration.

Ckick here for more photos