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1953 Dodge M37 “Hadit” – SOLD

This 1953 Dodge M37  has had extensive restoration, is very complete with clear title, all manuals and with issued literature. It includes a working winch and full canvas The engine runs perfect. It has no rust, and class-A paint.

The side marking of “HADIT” refered to the Hadit Lists used by the Army Air Corps in WWII.  If you did not return from a mission you were listed as “hadit.” This truck marked HADIT is a M42 Command Truck, Head Quarters Truck #8. Hence the bumper marking “HQ 8.”

The vehicle started life as an M37 which was shipped to HQ and converted by the pool to an M42.  When a General required transport at HQ, the highest ranking General was first in line for the best truck. Lower ranking Generals used vehicles 2-7 down to “Hadit”, which was 8th in line.  The “H” in Hadit actually stands for the 8th alphabet letter. Therefore, this Hadit is a very rare, museum-quality HQ M42.

This Command Pool vehicle was purchased  in 1990 after a two-year frame off rehab. The owner was the  President of the Armed Forces Museum of St Louis, who needed a “top notch” vehicle to support the many static displays and parades. All components were ether new old stock and the stencils were original military issue. This vehicle was stored  and maintained with the highest regard to preservation. The paint color is as it was during its military service.

This vehicle’s main duty since the last owner was transporting the survivors of Pearl Harbor in the St Louis Veterans Day Parade. It is a show piece representing actual usage. Recently the drivers back seat showed separation. A replacement, with the original brass vent holes was procured. It was the last NOS.

In 2014 all new wheel cylinders, fuel/vac pump were installed along with new batteries and a special maintainer that surges to prevent sulfate.

The only issue is after all these years, some of the paint on the engine has flaked.  This Dodge could make the Alcan highway run. Comes with all original issued manuals with supplements and most PM articles.  Has all tools as issued in service and full canvas folded in cargo bed.

Located in Missouri.

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