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1952 WILLYS M-38 Jeep – SOLD

This excellent example of a 1952 M38 Jeep has 26,168 actual miles.  The current owner purchased the vehicle in 2008. The engine and clutch were rebuilt in 2014. There is less than 100 miles on the engine and as of 9/25/2014. The Jeep is set up for parades and used for military fund raisers.

What’s Included

Included is the trailer, and everything else in the pictures goes with the Jeep. The 50cal. and the M1 Garand are replicas. So is the stanchion that holds the 50cal. Since the photos were taken, the owner has added an 8-foot antenna with a military tie-down, and has a bid in on a spotlight. The radio goes with the Jeep. The radio was reported to have been working when purchased, but has never been tested. It includes a hand-crank generator and other equipment that goes with the radio. The MP helmet in the picture was stolen, but has been replaced.

About the 1952 Willys M-38

The M38 Jeep was the first post-WWII jeep, It was known by Willys as model MC.  This vehicle has a non-firing 50cal all steel Browning and gun mount, non-firing M1 Grand made of steel and wood mounted on the windshield frame.  The period correct radio is mounted in the rear. This Jeep comes with a clear title.

The M38 features the flat fenders, a one-piece windshield, bottom-mounted wipers, and fuel filler on the left side near the driver’s seat, protruding headlights, and an air vent at the bottom center of the windshield frame.  The pioneer tools (axle and shovel) are located on the passenger side.  The 80-inch wheelbase M38 weighed 2,750 pounds.  Its nomenclature is Truck 1/4 Ton 4×4, M-38 (G-740).

When compared to the World War II Willys MB / Ford GPW, the M38 is a little larger, with better seating for the driver and passenger, and uses larger tires (7:00×16).  It has a 24 volt waterproofed electrical system with other post-war M-series vehicles requiring a second battery to boost the voltage.  The L-head, 4 cy. 60 hp. engine of the MB was improved with a gear drive camshaft and was mated to a T90 transmission and 5:38 axle gears.  Willys produced about 45,500 of the M-38 jeeps from September 1950 through July 1952. Most were assigned to Korean theater of operations and after that conflict was over in the mid-1950s, they were also manufactured for export overseas.

Located in Brooksville FL.

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