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1949 Custom Rat Rod Jeep – SOLD

. Complete frame-off restoration and creation in 2010

. New frame and body from Willys Acres

. Rebuilt Willys 4 cylinder engine

. Rebuilt Willys 3 speed manual transmission

. New brakes, starter motor, carburetor, 12 V alternator, clutch and drive shaft

. New tires and rims

. New 700 X 16 front Firestone military “non directional” Coker tires

. New front 16 inch wheels

. New 820 X 15 rear Firestone tires

. New rear 15 X 7.5 Smoothy Wheels from Coker Tire

. All wheels are powder coated in red color

. Baby moon hubcaps on rear wheels

. Authentic bullet casings used as valve step covers

. 1957 Chevy steering box

. Head and intake manifold are ceramic coated

. Body professionally fabricated, 16 inches shorter (14 ft long X 5 ft wide X 4 ft high)

. Non firing “inert” 1919 – 30 caliber machine gun completely “chromed” with authentic military canvas cover and “inert” machine gun belted bullets and WW II ammo metal ammo case.

. correct machine gun pedestal mount incorporated into Jeep floor

. period military radio

. “Inert” hand grenade, ammo pouches, military flash light displayed on gun mount

. Machine gun barrel shrouds mounted on upright exhaust mounts

. Exhaust outlet covers fabricated from shell casings

. Automatic battery disconnect built into dash with missile firing mechanism

. Inverted portal front axle; sits nice and low

. Chromed hand grenade hood ornament

. Laser cut D Day battle star in hood and side painted weathered D Day emblems

. “Inert” missiles and mortar shell casings mounted on vehicle

. WW II canteen and cover mounted on radiator overflow tank

. Customized, low mounted, functional Willys Jeep windshield

. Tall Boy stick shifter made from authentic WW II bayonet

. Aircraft dash gauges and military switches

. Authentic bomber aircraft steering yoke used as the steering wheel

. Custom hand painted (not decals) murals (nose art) on steering yoke and vehicle rear

. Mock outer hood coil

. Twin 4 X 4 transfer case stick shifters

. Custom side mounted mirror

. “Inert” 50 caliber bullets used as accelerator pedal

. Authentic military bomber seats with OD military pads

. Simulated front driveshaft for 4 X 4 look

. Side mounted, lined 5 gallon Jerry can functioning as vehicle gas tank

. Authentic over 100 year old cast iron tractor seat mounted on rear (powder coated)

. Authentic brass mounted vintage military fire extinguisher

. Camouflage net car cover

. Custom painted authentic missile/shell casing used for display in front of vehicle

. Vintage, custom D Day matching painted beverage cooler

. Over $35,000 invested to build this Autorama 2nd place winner in 2011 in the “extreme” category downstairs.

. Always wins at every car show entered.  Would make a great feature magazine story

. Starts right up, idles perfectly, runs great, no mechanic issues of any kind.