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1945 Dodge WC KD Ambulance – SOLD

This fully restored Dodge WWII WC-64 KD “Knock Down” ambulance is complete with all medical equipment and is one of the rarest of the World War II military vehicles.

The limited-production is also commonly referred to as the “KD ambulance.”

The WC-64 model was developed in 1943 because its predecessor the WC-54 occupied too much space during shipping due to the one piece box-like body. On this vehicle, the rear body really was a box which could be easily dismantled into a series of flat panels (hence the name “Knockdown” ambulance) to reduce the required shipping place. Once assembled, it was not intended to get disassembled again.

3,500 units were made from begin 1945 until the end of WWII, and only a few have survived.

Located in Michigan, USA.

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