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1943 WWII T16 Universal Carrier – SOLD

This 1943 T16 Universal Carrier was built by Ford of Canada in the United States. The T16 was an American-built version of the original English Carden-Lloyd Mk.VI tankette. It was longer than the original universal carrier with an extra road wheel on the rear bogie. The engine was a Ford Mercury delivering the power. Instead of the steering wheel controlling the combination brake/warp mechanism, the T16 had track-brake steering operated by levers.

About this T16

  • Original V8 Ford flat head engine
  • Engine and transmission preforms well
  • Oil pressure is good when the engine is hot
  • Track and bogies are in good working condition

From March 1943 to 1945, 29,000 T16 Universal Carriers were built under lend-lease, many with local modifications and improvements like Browning cal.50 (12.7 mm) machine-guns. Most of them were used by the Canadians as artillery tractors in Europe. After the war, surviving units were sold to Switzerland and the Low Countries.

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