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1942 Fruehauf M18 Searchlight Trailer – SOLD

This is an excellent working example of the very rare Fruehauf Searchlight trailer. It has new tires and all the lights are in working order. It tilts and functions as it should.

The M18 searchlight trailer has the manually operated winch mounted on the drawbar in in front of the cargo box. The two large hand wheels turned the winch, which allowed the crew to pull the searchlight or a generator onto the floor of the trailer via a chain that went through the box and attached to the light.

Clearance lights, reflectors, and blackout stop- and tail-lights are mounted around the body. This model has the landing wheel beneath the drawbar. Footman loops and rope tie-downs are riveted around the body. The heavy tailgate is constructed of steel channel.

Located in Fenton, Michigan.

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