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1942 WC-57 Dodge Command CarAsking$53,000

This 1942 WC-57 Dodge Command Car is in excellent condition and retains its original engine.  It runs perfect and doesn’t leak.  It has the late model horn and all military accessories (generator, carburetor, etc).  The only rust on the whole vehicle is surface rust on the exhaust manifold.  The odometer reads 00809.

The interior is loaded with military accessories befitting a General’s ride.  Leather seats front and back.  Back has 5 feet of leg room.  Radio is mounted behind the front passenger seat and across the back of the seat are the antenna sections which screw together to form a single antenna over 20ft high.  There are a separate set of rifle holders from the factory.  Patton had the ones shown installed as they allowed for easier access.  The factory holders are solid – top to bottom.  The dash is in perfect shape and all gauges work.  Rifles are not included in the sale.

BODY – Straight and Rust Free.  Even the leather patch around the gas cap is in great condition.  All latches and handles move smoothly.

Everything in the back is included.  The radio phone, the signal light with all colored glass filters are in perfect shape.  Second signal light and spare radio as well.  The pouch has various hand books related to the vehicle and there are 3 helmets that are in the back seat.  There is a net that may or may not have been original that is included as well.

This is a collector’s item and treated that way.  No driving in the rain, no mud on your shoes.  Though it will climb hills and ford rivers like a Hummer, it has been kept  covered, trailered and paraded.

Located in Oregon.

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