Sell Your Vehicle Online

Why list my vehicle with Military Vehicle Web?


  • We make it easy to sell your military vehicle at a lower total cost than other websites. In addition, our staff can take care of transportation to the seller (shipping, customs duties, etc.). As an added service, we can refurbish your vehicle to increase its value.
  • MVW product promotion methods provide results that are simply unattainable to you as a seller. For example, our online marketing staff assures that someone who is looking for your particular vehicle will see it listed within hours on Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines.
  • MVW uses social media like Facebook to market your vehicle. Your vehicle is highlighted to buyers looking for that exact one!

“Why not run some ads and sell it myself?”

  • Over 95% of retail vehicle disposals involve a brokerage commission. Worldwide military vehicle brokerage (customs, shipping, experience in federal and international law) is a specialized field. Why waste your time running an ad, only to end up using a broker anyway?
  • Most sellers don’t realize the total costs to sell a vehicle. We provide a clear process with success expectations including a higher success of a final sale.
  • We provide you with a professional assessment of the market value of your vehicle, as well as guide you throughout the selling process.
  • We have a large list of motivated buyers and sellers. Few owners are prepared to accept a trade-in vehicle offer. We can facilitate your sale using creative methods and resources in addition to working with our list of active buyers.
  • We know the difference between qualified buyers and “tire-kickers”. While we treat all potential buyers with respect, we qualify them before demonstrating your vehicle.

“Why not choose the broker who offers the lowest commission rate?”

  • It is only natural to try to control costs. However, commission is only one variable: your focus should be on the broker who will net the most out of your sale.
  • If an exclusive broker’s commission rate is too low, they may not aggressively advertise or enlist other services that require cost.
  • A broker with a fair commission, experience and a quality reputation will market your vehicle with professionalism. Owners do not want to create an incentive for a broker to take a low commission, then direct buyers to other non-exclusive vehicles for more profit – or one that pays a higher commission.

“Why not choose the broker who thinks my Military Vehicle is worth the most?”

  • The exclusive broker who “highballs” the value of your military vehicle does you a grave disservice. Unfortunately, some brokers do that in order to get your exclusive listing. They will either give a sad story later about the declining market, or your vehicle will languish while others sell.
  • Price guidance from an experienced military vehicle broker is an important part of what the your commission buys you. It is infinitely more valuable than just telling you what you want to hear.

Let us help you sell your jeep, tank, transport truck, DUKW, half-track, watercraft aircraft or other military vehicle. Call (810) 691-7963 or email today.