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Make your next event stand out with Period correct props and vehicles.

We set the standard for quality and reliability!

Military Vehicles Web Rental Company holds the top spot when it comes to providing rental military vehicles, as expressed by the vast majority of picture car coordinators. We’ve set the standards of quality, reliability, and service necessary to meet industry demands in today’s tight schedule and budget parameters.

Military Vehicle Web stocks many units, including HMMWV, tanks, ambulances, jeeps and trucks, artillery, troop transports, etc., as well as many unique and rare vehicles — comprising one of the largest assemblages of military equipment available.


Contrary to popular belief, the military is not all jeeps and tanks. Military Vehicles Web also stocks units, including HMMWV, tanks, ambulances, jeeps and trucks, motor cycles, artillery, troop transports, scout and staff cars, etc., as well as many unique and rare vehicles — comprising the largest assemblage of military equipment.


We take pride in the appearance of our vehicles, and maintain a comprehensive resource library to ensure vehicle authenticity. On request, we can also assist in securing hard-to-locate military accoutrements to add to the texture and fabric of the scene.


No less important than appearance is the mechanical reliability of our vehicles. It may look great, but what if it doesn’t start, is delivered without fuel, overheats or sounds like a tractor? We understand that these kinds of delays are costly, and in the last fifteen years of service, we have not held up production for a single minute due to faulty equipment.


Without sacrificing quality, Military Vehicle Web is very competitive. We are happy to quote rates on an individual basis, and will negotiate discounts for extended rentals. Technical assistance and one driver/mechanic can be provided per rental location as part of our service.

Call Robert at 810-691-7963 or email with a list of your requirements and schedule.