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1944 GPW Restoration

This 1944 GPW you see is a combination of 4 different manufacturing years with parts from both Ford and Willys.  This is common in WWII Jeeps, as parts were replace they were scavenged from destroyed Jeeps or what was in-stock with replacement parts. My client wanted a nice, reliable Navy Jeep as a tribute to […]

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1942 GPW Restoration

This GPW is being restored for a client. He wants a light restoration so that it looks nice and presentable. He wants a dependable, daily driver – not a show queen. Click here to watch a video walk-around. The designation on the front bumper represents the same unit our client’s father served in during WWII. […]

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MVW Road Trip to Pick up a DUKW

military vehicle web

Military Vehicle Web is a full service company that focuses on keeping military history alive for all to enjoy. We provide all levels of restorations on vehicles and equipment – and keep them fully operational. It is our mission to preserve military items for future generations, to honor all those who have served in the […]

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Alvis Stalwart 6X6 Military Amphibious Military Off-Road Vehicle

alvis stalwart 6x6 video

I’ve always wanted an Alvis Stalwart and finding one in excellent condition is nearly impossible, so when the opportunity came up, I grabbed it. Since it was out of state and some long hours driving were involved, I took my employee Sal on the road trip.

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1944 GMC DUKW Walk-Around

gmc dukw walkaround

Produced for WWII to get cargo and personnel ashore from troop transport ships, the DUKW is one of my favorite military vehicles. This one was made in Pontiac, Michigan.

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WWII German Kubelwagen Walk-Around

This is a reproduction of the Volkswagen Kübelwagen (literally translated as “bucket car”, for its resemblance to a metal bathtub on wheels. It was a light military vehicle designed by Ferdinand Porsche and built by Volkswagen during World War II for use by the German military.

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HMMWV | Dodge WC52 | KD-64

Walk around with the WWII Dodge KD64 Ambulance, the WC52 Dodge and a first generation HMMWV.

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1941 T-15 Studebacker WWII Snow Weasel

In 1941, the U.S. Military contracted with Studebaker Corporation of South bend Indiana to design, test and build a “top-secret” snow vehicle for commando use in Norway. As a result of this effort, the “Weasel Light Cargo Carrier” designated “T-15″ was the earliest production version of the weasel family. It had the engine in rear […]

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1943 T-24 Studebaker WWII Snow Weasel

The basic idea for the Weasel came from inventor Geoffrey Pyke in support of his proposals to attack German forces and industrial installations in Norway. Pyke’s plan to hamper the atomic weapons development project for which he proposed a fast light mechanized device that would transport small groups of commando troops of the 1st Special […]

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1942 60″ GE WWII Searchlight

Rob lights up this great example of a 1942 General Electric Searchlight and generator made in WWII.

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