1944 GPW Restoration

navy jeep restorationThis 1944 GPW you see is a combination of 4 different manufacturing years with parts from both Ford and Willys.  This is common in WWII Jeeps, as parts were replace they were scavenged from destroyed Jeeps or what was in-stock with replacement parts.

My client wanted a nice, reliable Navy Jeep as a tribute to his son who attended United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD.

This jeep was original – not a show queen, and too nice to be restored.

My client’s major requirements were budget and reliability.  He wanted to do the things he could do himself. We worked with him on every option and expense.

One of the interesting points is when the WWII “Army green” jeeps were originally delivered to the Navy, the “Navy blue” paint was applied only to the outside of the Jeep, not the complete body. When the Jeep needed repainting, or upper command requested it, the Jeep body could be be repainted blue or gray inside and out. According to Olive-drab.com, 3 color schemes were used for U.S. Navy vehicles during World War II and the early post-war period. These are Navy gray, forest green, and Navy blue. The forest green color was used by the U.S. Marine Corps, a part of the Navy, and the Navy blue primarily for staff and administrative vehicles. For jeeps, trucks, and other tactical vehicles the color was usually gray.

See photos of the entire restoration here.

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