1941 T-15 Studebacker WWII Snow Weasel

In 1941, the U.S. Military contracted with Studebaker Corporation of South bend Indiana to design, test and build a “top-secret” snow vehicle for commando use in Norway. As a result of this effort, the “Weasel Light Cargo Carrier” designated “T-15″ was the earliest production version of the weasel family. It had the engine in rear and driver in the front-center position.

Approximately 750 were manufactured for the war effort and testing. It has the WWII radio, headset, tools, skies/poles, sleeping bag, backpack, WWII white out military clothing, WWII boots with ice spikes, snow pack, tools and more. This is a very nice T-15 and the extra gear makes an excellent display. The engine compartment is fully detailed and extremely clean.


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